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Programming and developing sites for more than 20 years. During first 10 years I have made more than 200 sites, 200 of them can be viewed in portfolio section. After that I began to take part in big projects. All of the sites except one, which is writter in PERL and one which is written in ASP (also from early works), are written in PHP language and use MySQL database engine (some sites use self made database engine).
Each site has not only front-end (part, which is visible to visitors), but also has back-end (administrative part), where administrator of site can easilly edit contents of site without any special abilities.
During the development server side of sites were used mostly self developed templates and libraries, which gave an opportunity in each site to add any required function or make it as the specific site needs (surelly, in case customer had posibility and wished to pay for that work).

Unserialize / JSON decode / Base 64 decode

System automatically detects, in which way data was encoded and outputs decoded result. Enter encoded data in upper field and click "Decode" button.
Using button "Encode" you can encode data in JSON format, entering keys and values each in separate line.

Timestamp ⇔ Date time

Here you can convert timestamp data to date + time and vice versa.

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